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  • Juan O

One WR to keep an eye out for

With Tua Tagovailoa entering his 3rd year as the team QB, I am excited to see the relationship grow between Jaylen and Tua. Additionally, with the addition of Tyreek Hill to the team, the 2nd year WR will be learning a lot from Hill as Hill brings the experience and swagger that every person needs to have fun while improving simultaneously. Tyreek is a good distraction, which is a good thing for Jaylon, and with that distraction comes more opportunities for Jaylen to do his waddle TD celebration.

Jaylen gets put in that underrated category, but with his breaking speed, cuts, and sideline tip-toe catches, I am ok with him being in that category while he continues to rack up some fantasy points for me. For Jaylen to have a career-long 57-yard reception in Week 12 against the Panthers says a lot of what he will bring to the wideout position, especially now that Hill will be having the defense on their toes. I believe that Jaylen will waddle his way into the playoffs, and I think that time is now!

2021 stats

  • 104 receptions

  • 140 targets

  • 1,015 yards

  • 9.8 average yards

  • 57 yards for longest reception

  • 1fumble

  • 6 TD's

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