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Offensive & Defensive leaders heading into the 2022 season

Passing: Tom Brady

Team: Buccaneers

After retiring, I think Brady still has a lot to prove, just like he said, so I don't blame the guy for coming back. However, while coming close to yet another Super Bowl appearance, I can see how he can still have that itch, especially when his Super Bowl appearances are the most by an individual player. It's like eradicating sugar from someone so used to having it, and they want more!

2021 Stats

  • 485/719

  • 64.2 CMP%

  • 5,316 yards

  • 43 TD's

  • 12 INT's

Rushing: Jonathan Taylor

Team: Colts

After Taylor blew up this season, it is safe to assume that next year will likely have the same outcome. With Matt Ryan as their new QB, Taylor will be the primary go-to, which can be a bad thing, especially if their opponents for the 2022 season prepare more for the run game since Ryan will be new to the system.

2021 Stats

  • 332 attempts

  • 1,811 rushing yards/360 recieving yards

  • 18 TD’s

  • 9.0 averaging yards

Recieving: Cooper Kupp

Team: Rams

After finishing his 5th year and 2nd 1,000+ receiving yard season with the Rams, Cooper Kupp looks like he will be adding a 3rd season to that 1,000+ receiving yards list. If OBJ can remain a Ram, I can see the Rams going to the conference final again, but if OBJ does not stay with the team, can Kupp hold down the fort?

2021 Stats

  • 1,947 yards

  • 145 receptions

  • 16 TD’s

  • 13.5 avg yards

  • 89 recieving first downs

Sacks: T.J Watt


The DPOTY is only getting started and is on the verge of being the better Watt brother, but that's a different conversation for another time. Entering his 6th season with the Steelers, Big Ben retired, and adding Mitch Trubisky, will the defense win the championship, or will Trubisky take some of that pressure off T.J?

2021 Stats

  • 22.5 sacks

  • 48 solo tackles

  • 5 forced fumbles

  • 48 solo tsckles

  • 64 total tackles

Interceptions: Trevon Diggs

Team: Cowboys

This past season another Diggs has become a household name. Even though he has been burned in some deep passes, you cannot take away that this man is a great ballhawk player. He has come in clutch for the Cowboys and put them in a position to win with that confidence boost given to the offense from his defensive plays. However, he needs to work more on coverage and not always go for the rock.

2021 stats

  • 11 interceptions

  • 142 yards

  • 43 solo tackles

  • 52 total tackles

  • 2 TD’s

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