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NFL wide receiver relocations: How will Adams, Woods, Cooper, and Smith-Schuster fare on new teams?

Adams is coming from a team where he set the NFL standard for receivers since he landed in Green Bay in 2014. He ended last year with 123 receptions and 1,553 yards while catching 11 touchdowns. Now that he will not have Rodgers in the Helm, he is moving on to another QB he feels pretty comfortable with, Derek Carr, as they spend two seasons together in Fresno State. Building that rapport will not be an issue for the two, which is what some other WR can struggle with when landing in a new team.

Robert woods going to the Titans is a good thing. After one year, letting go of Julio Jones allows woods to slip right on in and help his new partner in crime, A.J. Brown. The addition of woods will take the load of A.J while still making the defense suffer if they decide to double team either-or. Even though Woods got a ring, he is still seen as an underrated WR; I would say he is a man to watch out for as he is ready to show out on the football field after his season-ending knee injury.

Cooper led the Cowboys in catches (292), receiving yards (3,893), and receiving TD's (27) over the past four seasons. I don’t think that the Cowboys will have much success, and some feel that Ceedee Lamb will be able to fill in that void that Cooper left, especially when it comes to clutch moments where Cooper has shined the most. Now that Cooper is in Cleveland, I feel the addition of Deshaun Watson will allow Cooper to emerge as the No.1 Reciever, also now that Landry is gone.

JuJu is coming into KC after having a future Hall of Fame QB, Ben Roethlisberger. The history of playing with an elite QB will allow him to make an easy transition to Patrick Mahomes, which arguably is a future Hall of Famer himself. Now that Tryeek is gone, KC had that void in the wideout position but has been filled with JuJu. With Marquez on the other side of the field and maybe a possible entire season of Josh Gordon, I can see that this wideout package will be something to watch.

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